10 People Who Inspire My Thinking

Jimenez Lai, this guy is a big one for me Architecturally, his way of thinking resonates with me. on-bullshit, one of his recommended readings.

Okay, I’m going to try and get ten names out then feature them in individual posts later.

Lou Reed, Jimenez Lai, Mark Foster Gage, Rem Koolhaas, Leonard Cohen, Jack Kerouac, Bernard Tschumi, Haruki Murakami, Herman Hesse, Jeff Kipnis, damn I’m struggling on this. Mind is blank @1:00am

To be continued…….Bureau

Going to throw Iakov Chernikhov in with these to round out the ten. Definitely not a fixed 10, might shift a few around. Douglas Darden could probably sneak in, Raymond Chandler could get close too. Might do a 5 of each (music, art, architecture, literature) then narrow it down more.


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